ICHIRAN Shinjuku Station Central East Exit
Restaurants Specializing in Classic Tonkotsu Ramen -From the 60s-
ICHIRAN is the most dedicated Ramen Company to the study of Tonkotsu Ramen in the whole World. Instead of diversifying our menu, we concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen. There are over 40 specialists involved in every single bowl. We always pursue a higher level of Ramen. We only offer the highest quality and the safest products,so you can fully enjoy the authentic deliciousness of Tonkotsu. We wish to bring delight into your life. That is why every day we apply ourselves intensively at work, try new ideas and inventions, and care for the detail of everything involving your Ramen Experience.

【Address】 Peace Building B1F
3-34-11 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to
【Telephone】 03-3225-5518
【Capacity】 27 counter seating
1 wheelchair seating
【Parking】 None
【Access】 3 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station (Higashi Exit)
【Business hours】 24 hours

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